Memoir of a Murderer‘ soared up to the top of the Korean Box Office over the weekend.

The movie, which was released on Wednesday (September 5), has accumulated more than 1.191 million views. The movie was released across 1,064 theaters all over the country and earned $8.61 million till Sunday, according to the official figures of the Korean Film Council.


The movie is based on Kim Young-ha’s bestselling novel of the same name. Directed by Won Shin-yun, this crime-thriller depicts the story of an aged former serial killer suffering from Alzheimer’s as he endeavors to keep his daughter (Kim Seol-hyun) safe amidst a murder-wave that has swept across his neighborhood.

Warner Bros.’ “It” came second. The Hollwood movie’s release coincided with that of the ‘Memoir of a Murderer’. The horror drama finished the week with overall earnings of $4.22 million, garnering 572,469 views across South Korea.

Patrick Hughes’ action-comedy “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” relinquished its top spot over the last week to slip to the third position. It’s earnings after two weekends stood at $9.31 million and the viewership at 275,321.

The two American movies were followed by Song Kang-ho starrer “A Taxi Driver”, which deals with the pro-democracy rebellion in Korea in the 80’s. Korea’s representative for the foreign-language Academy Awards has earned $83.9 million after six weekends.

Lotte Entertainment’s comedy-action “Midnight Runners” slipped to fifth place after earning $38.7 million over five weekends and garnering 98,376 views.