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Shawn Yue , Eric Tsang In ‘ Mad World ‘ Picked to Represent Hong Kong at the Oscars

- and Shawn Yue-starrer has been selected as Hong Kong's representative for the foreign language film-category at the 90th .

The Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong selected Mad World ahead of the other three movies in contention – ' , 's and the yet-to-be-released Chasing the Dragon by and .

Funded by the First Feature Film Initiative (FFFI) of the Hong Kong Film Development Fund, this low-budget movie also marked the directorial debut of .

The film narrates the story of a bipolar patient's life with his truck-driver father after being discharged from a mental asylum. This austere family drama has been lauded by fans and critics alike, largely due to its heavy critique of the mental and social ills peculiar to Hong Kong's society.

Mad World has captivated the imagination of the audiences ever since its world premiere at the last year. Made on a paltry budget of USD 256,000, the film was a huge success at the 23rd , and the 53rd held in Taipei. Wong Chun was lauded as the Best New Director at both those award shows. Veteran actors and Eric Tsang were also honored as the Best Support Actress and Best Actor, respectively. was also awarded for the Best Screenplay.

Here's wishing the Mad World  team great success at the !

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