Updated: 10th September 2017. (Added ‘The Hidden Sword’ )

Having missed our usual run down of top martial arts / action films for 2017. We thought we would start things off early by taking a look at the films coming out in 2018 which we think you should keep an eye out for.

Unlike previous years, we have not restricted our list to just pure martial arts films. This time we have branched out and included cross over action films that should provide plenty of fight scenes and moments of excitement to entertain fans of martial arts epics.

We will update this article with new movies and trailers so bookmark this page and feel free to leave a comment about any of the movies listed or even ones we may have missed.


11. Jackie Chan – Shanghai Dawn

One of the few genuinely good American Jackie Chan films (Shanghai Knights ) is getting another sequel. The Chinese-American Western series featuring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson will this time see Jared Hess ( ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ ) directing.




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