the bros still 1
A still from 'The Bros'

Ma Dong Seok plays the role of Seok Bong, a Korean history lecturer who dreams of being Indiana Jones. His life goal is to find a national treasure and in order to achieve that, he doesn’t mind falling into debt to purchase the appropriate equipment. Seok Bong’s brother, Joo Bong, played by Lee Dong Hwi, is the team manager of a construction company who dreams of migrating to Germany, the land of fairness. He is a promising businessman but has no strength at all.

the bros (2017) poster
A poster of ‘The Bros’

The two brothers haven’t seen each other in years, but they return home in Andong at the news that their father passed away. Each one has their own plan – Seok Bong is after the relics at home that could make money and Joo Bong is after winning the contract of Andong highway construction project for his firm. On their way down, they accidentally hit Aurora (Honey Lee), an employee of the cultural center, causing her to suffer from memory loss. And as time goes by, two brothers find out the truth about their family through this lady.

the bros still
Lee Dong Hwi (left) and Ma Dong Seok (right) in a still from the movie

The Bros is one of six films featuring Ma Dong Seok this year alone!ar, along with Champion, Crime City, Gomtangi, Wonderful Life, and With God. The actor has been cast in a comedy movie before – The Good, The Bad and The Weird (2008).

Directed by Chang You Jeong, the movie is set to be released in South Korea on November 2nd.

Source: HanCinema