Well Go USA Entertainment have released two official trailers for the Hong Kong crime thriller Chasing the Dragon. Directed by Jason Kwan and Jing Wong, the movie reportedly deals with the real-life story of a drug lord in the 1960s.

Donnie Yen plays the role of “Crippled Ho”, who arrives from Mainland China to British-ruled Hong Kong as an illegal immigrant. Crippled Ho uses his breathtaking combat skills to make his way up the Triads and befriend corrupt Chief Detective Sergeant, Lee Rock, played by Andy Lau. Lau had also played Lee Rock in a two-part movie back in 1991 (Lee Rock and Lee Rock II). Meanwhile, Crippled Ho ends up becoming a drug lord after seeing off rival gangs in some scintillating action scenes. Philip Keung, Kang Yu, Kent Cheng, and Bryan Larkin round off the film’s cast.

Chasing the Dragon is a remake of the 1991 gangster biopic To Be Number One. The original film depicts the rise and fall of Crippled Ho, a character reportedly based on a real figure.

The movie will be opening at AMC theaters in the US after Well Go USA got the distribution rights for the same.

You can have a look at the US trailers here: