Hyun Bin in The Swindlers (2017)
Hyun Bin in The Swindlers (2017)

After earning well-deserved accolades for his performance as a taciturn North Korean agent in the blockbuster Confidential Assignment earlier this year, Hyun Bin is back in a very different role of a fraudster in the sleek-looking Korean crime drama The Swindlers. The just released teaser trailer for the film promises a bunch of interesting characters coming together for a comedy and action filled caper.

The Swindlers is directed by Jang Chang-won, who is making his debut after serving as AD on films like The Happy Life and Battlefield Heroes. The cast also includes Yoo Ji-tae (Oldboy, Split), Bae Seong-woo (The King), Park Sung-woong (New World) and the singer, model and actress Nana (TV drama The Good Wife) in important roles.

Poster for The Swindlers (2017)
Poster for The Swindlers (2017) (Source: Hancinema.net)

The film revolves around an infamous con man, who disappears mysteriously after a major crime and is declared dead by the prosecution. After rumors of him being alive surface, Prosecutor Park Hee-soo (Yoo Ji-tae), who was in charge of the case originally, tries to get to the truth. Park had been in collusion with the con man, and needs to eliminate him to avoid a corruption scandal. Helping him in this game of cat and mouse are three hustlers as well as another prominent crook Hwang Ji-sung (Hyun Bin). Hwang, of course, has his own motives of personal revenge in getting involved. While this motley crew teams up to realize a mutual goal, their hidden agendas might trump the entire project.

The Swindlers is scheduled for release in South Korea in November 2017. The film is produced and distributed by Showbox Mediaplex.

(Source: Showbox)