Wong Jing, who has directed, penned and produced more than 100 films, is back making films about gangsters in Hong Kong.

Wong Jing

Named Color of the Game, the thriller is the third and final part of the Color series after Color of the Truth (2003) and Color of Loyalty (2005). As expected, it will have typical elements of such films: brotherhood, slums, and street fights. The cast includes Simon Yam, Jordan Chan and Phillip Ng.


Color of the Game starts with Wallace and Sky receiving a call from one of the gang leaders, saying that the boss wants to have Nigel’s only son Robert executed. Wallace then forms a team of six to complete the quest, but no matter how perfect the plan is, Robert always manages to escape a step ahead, leaving traps for them to fall in. While Wallace is suspecting that there is a mole working for Robert, the team also has to deal with the police, which suggests the existence of another inside man. The gang’s members now get trapped in a conspiracy, pushing them to desperation.

A still from ‘Colour of the Game’ (2017)

The movie is scheduled to be released in September.

Watch the trailer below

Source: Chinese Entertainment NewsBroadway Circuit