Filmmaker Ryuichi Hiroki’s fantasy drama The Miracles of the Namiya General Store has been one of the two Japanese movies that have led the way at the prestigious 21st Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Hardcover Korean version of Higashino’s “Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki”

Based on Keigo Higashino’s mystery novel ‘Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki’, the movie explores the mystery of letters dropped in a general store’s mailbox, in which people from the past consult about their worries. The plot takes a twist when Atsuya, played by Ryosuke Yamada, and his 2 childhood friends take it upon themselves to reply to those enigmatic mails. Besides Yamada, the movie also stars Nishida Toshiyuki, Murakami Nijiro and Kanichiro.

Higashino’s bestseller has sold over 800,000 copies in South Korea and more than 1.6 million copies in China.

Namiya has been closely followed by Isao Yukisada’s Narratage, which is all set to have a gala opening at Busan. The film, which is a sentimental student-teacher romance, was lauded by the BIFF for its use of ‘emotionally charged images to depict the longing, jealousy, and frustration of love’.

Matsumoto Jun and Arimura Kasumi in ‘Narratage’

Narratage is based on Shimamoto Rio’s novel about a heartbreaking love story between a teacher, Hayama (played by Matsumoto Jun) and his student, Izumi (Arimura Kasumi). Sakaguchi Kentaro has played the role of Arimura’s boyfriend.

With Japanese movies captivating everyone’s attention with their unique plots and fresh characters, the BIFF seems to be in for an exciting finale this year.

Source: Psycho Drama