If there’s something strange in you neighborhood, Who you gonna call? ghostbusters? Not me, i’ll be calling the only person for the job, the legendary Vampire slayer, Lam Ching Ying.

The first time we see Lam Ching Ying in a Horror film was in the 1980 classic “Encounters Of The Spooky Kind“. Here he would play a police officer attempting to track down Sammo Hung over the killing of his wife. In 1982, he went on to star witn Sammo Hung again in “Dead And The Deadly” before taking a lead role in the Peking Opera/Horror movie “Hocus Pocus“.

In 1985 his legendary platform would arrive, after starring in the Horror/Comedy “Those Merry Souls” with Yuen Biao, he went on to star in the classic Vampire movie “Mr.Vampire“. The movies success at the Box Office: HK $20,092,129.00, delivered 4 sequels (Lam Ching Ying didn’t star in part 4) and many spin offs such as The Ultimate Vampire, Vampire Vs Vampire, Spooky Encounters and Mr.Vampire 1992.

You will know Lam Ching Ying from a variety of movies such as The Prodigal Son, Heores Shed No Tears, Pom Pom And Hot Hot, Eastern Condors, School On Fire, Her Vengeance and many more. Lam Ching Ying sadly passed away from cancer in 1997.

Here are 10 Lam Ching Ying Horror movies you should be checking out, especially on Halloween Night.

Other Cast: Sammo Hung, Chung Fat, Peter Chan, Huang Ha, Wu Ma
Directed By: Sammo Hung

Other Cast: Tung Wei, Peter Chan, Chin Yuet Sang, Law Ho Kai
Directed By: Chin Yuet Sang

Other Cast: Pauline Wong, Kent Cheng, Gigi Lai Chi, Peter Chan, Chung Fat
Directed By: Ng Min Kan

Other Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Moon Lee, Ricky Hui, Yuen Wah, Huang Ha
Directed By: Ricky Lau

Other Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Richard Ng, Billy Lau, Pauline Wong, Lui Fong
Directed By: Ricky Lau

Other Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Carrie Ng, Lau Shun, Ronald Wong Ban, Ku Feng
Directed By: Andrew Lau Wai Keung

Other Cast: Chin Siu-Ho, Sandra Ng, Billy Lau, Frank Juhasz
Directed By: Lam Ching-Ying

Other Cast: Wu Ma, Collin Chou, Chan Gaai-Gwan, Yuen Sam, Teddy Yip
Directed By: Wu Ma

Other Cast: Meng Hoi, Sammo Hung, Huang Ha, Wong Man Gwan, Wu Ma, Collin Chou
Directed By: Ricky Lau Jun Wei

Other Cast: Wilson Lam Jun-Yin, Nishiwaki Michiko, Michael Miu, Billy how, Wu Ma
Directed By: Tung Wei



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