A promo shot for Recall the Night
A promo shot for Recall the Night (Source: Hancinema.net)

Actor Kang Ha-neul (Midnight Runners, New Trial), currently undergoing his mandatory military service, seems all set to wrap up a very successful 2017 with the upcoming film Recall the Night, scheduled for release in late November. The just released first trailer gives a brief glimpse into what promises to be a suspenseful ride in the best traditions of Korean psychological thrillers.

Poster for the film Recall the Night (2017)
Poster for the film Recall the Night (2017) (Source: Hancinema.net)

The film, also referred to as Night of Memory according to the literal translation of its Korean title, features Kim Mu-yeol (Northern Limit Line) in an important role, along with Moon Sung-keun (National Security), Na Young-hee (TV drama The Legend of the Blue Sea), Lee Dong-jin (Master) and Lee Sung-woo (Fabricated City). Recall the Night also marks a comeback to the big screen for director Jang Hang-jun (Break Out, TV drama Sign) after a nine year hiatus. Jang has also written the film.

Kim Mu-yeol’s character in the film, Yoo-seok, gets kidnapped for 19 days, and is found to have lost his memory of this period when released from captivity. His devoted younger brother, Jin-seok (Kang Ha-neul), is determined to uncover the mystery behind his brother’s disappearance and get to the difficult truth. Of course, the more Jin-seok delves into his brother’s blackout, the more perplexing and potentially dangerous the entire situation gets.

Recall the Night is produced by B.A. Entertainment and distributed by Megabox Plus M. and Kiwi Company Co. Ltd. The exact release date is yet to be declared, but it is expected to be out in South Korea towards the end of November 2017.

(Source: Hancinema, AsianWiki)