Known for his eccentric personality and his status as founder of online marketplace Alibaba, Jack Ma has snagged a lead role in the upcoming short movie Gong Shou DaoMa owns the paper the South China Morning Post, which reported that its boss will take a stab at displaying his theatrics in front of the camera.

Alongside Ma, action movie legends such as Donny Yen and Tony Jaa make up some the film’s cast. Jet Li is on board as the executive producer. The short film is slated for a November 11th debut on Youku, a Chinese rival of YouTube.

Ma’s role in the film is said to be borne out of the desire to promote tai chi. Given his role as co-owner, along with Li, of a tai chi learning business known as Taiji Zen, this very well may be the case.

The Chinese major shopping holiday, Singles Day (comparable to Black Friday in the United Staes), happens to coincide with the film’s release date. The Ma-owned South China Morning Post, however, has denied any link between the two

Jet Li writes on his personal blog, “We all know that Jack is a Taiji Master himself…it will definitely be an exciting short film to watch.”

Don’t miss the action on this coming November 11th!

Source: Gizmodo