Directed By: Robert Samuels
Assistant Diretor: Wesley T.Green
Produced By: Robert L.Jefferson, Ariel jade, Alex Richter
Associate Producer: Rose Campbell

Robert Samuels directs a “Fengtastic” interview with legend Lu Feng.

Celestial Pictures presents an hour long special interview with Shaw Brothers and Kung Fu legend, Lu Feng. Directed by Robert Samuels (Beast, Don’t Give A Damn) with producers Robert L.Jefferson, Ariel Jade and Alex Richter, the fans can expect an in depth look into the life, training and movies of the legend Lu Feng.

Known around the world as “The Centipede”, Lu Feng starred in the cult classic “The Five Venoms” and many other hits including The Brave Archer, Crippled Avengers, Invincible Shaolin, Kid With The Golden Arm, Masked Avengers, Shanghai 13 and many more. Opening with Lu Feng demonstrating a few techniques, we are then shown images and drawings of the classic movies Shaw Brothers have produced. We take a trip down memory lane with movies images such as The Golden Swallow, The Heroic Ones, One Armed Swordsman, The Five Venoms and many more shown before leading into the interview itself.

You will get to listen to Lu feng speak about his character in the Five Venoms, What his favorite Movies are he has featured in, which actor he enjoyed fighting with the most on screen and much more in this amazing interview. There is a nice moment when Lu Feng speaks about Fu Sheung and how he come to hear about his death. A nice touch to the interview is the Chinese music being played as Lu Feng speaks, bringing something differnt which i’m sure the audience will enjoy.

We are then treated to Lu Fengs special appearance at The Urban Action Showcase, including the on stage interview between Ric Meyers and Lu Feng. Watch him being presented with the life time achievement award, a special moment which he expresses his gratitude and thanks his fans for still loving him. (There is also a special announcment made during the audience questions and answers about a future project, which fans will be very excited to hear).

Urban Action Showcase

Robert Samuels, Robert Jefferson and the whole team who worked on creating this amazing interview, have done a fantatic job. The questions asked to Lu Feng were “Fan orienated”, which i think was a great move because we really get to see a whole range of questions being asked about his fight scenes, injures, growing up in Taiwan to working with legendary director Chang Cheh. Lu Feng comes across as a very nice, down to earth guy who loves his passion for movies and loves his fans.

I finished the interview with a smile on my face, i think its fantastic that a platform like Urban Action Showcase, Robert Samuels and the rest of the team can bring these legends over to the west and show them that the fans still love there movies and appreciate them. I personally want to thank Robert Samuels for giving me the chance to view the interview and give my thoughts.

It is planned to be released by Shaw Brothers, Celestial Pictures early 2018 (So keep a look out). Below are some more pictures from the interview and event, enjoy.