Asians on Film, a non-profit arts organization, is pleased to announce the 6th annual Asians on Film Festival of Shorts taking place January 26-27, 2018, at Monk Space in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

This year the festival will screen more than 70 short films out of almost 400 submissions and will be handing out awards in 15 categories plus an Audience Choice Award and two special recognition awards, for the Best Supporting Role Model.

Leading nominees include Dinh Thai’s Vietnamese/Chinese drama “Monday” with three nominations and Mariette Go’s Chinese drama “Fractured” that received 4 nominations. And in a first, this year the festival will screen two shorts called “Fractured,” the other by Arnold Chun and based loosely on Virginia Tech shooter, Sung Hui Cho. While dramas typically dominate awards, this year two Asian American comedy’s each have 4 nominations, “Ingenue-ish” starring hapa actress Caitlin McHugh directed by John Stamos and Jeff Fong’s “A Grain of White in the Endless Yellow Sun.”

The festival will also screen Nik Shaw’s fan film for fans, by fans, “Death Note” starring Japanese actor Kento Matsunami; 12 animated films; the documentary film about Vietnamese American soccer pro, Lee Nguyen, “NGUYENing” by Alfonso Bui, and a 90 minute screening of LGBTQ Asian stories centered around two from China about married women, one who finds love with another woman and the other who finds out her husband has a boyfriend.

Festival information about the films, events and tickets will be available on our website  and the Asians on Film Facebook page

Video compilations of nominees in each category will also be posted on our YouTube Channel starting in January

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