Survival Style +5

Five bizarre stories with no apparent connection to one and other eventually become intertwined, resulting in surreal circumstances


Cold Fish

The film is loosely based on the exploits of two Tokyo serial killers, Sekine Gen and Hiroko Kazama, a husband and wife duo who owned a pet shop and murdered at least four people


Ichi The Killer

It portrays a story of feuding yakuza gangs primarily through the actions of a scarred and psychologically damaged man, Ichi (‘One’), who is manipulated into assaulting or killing rival faction members.

Note: Ichi The Killer is to this day still banned in many countries!


Chaos ensues when a yakuza boss orders a young gangster (Hideki Sone) to kill an insane colleague (Shô Aikawa).


Love Exposure

Raised by an extremely strict Roman Catholic, a young man, who sneaks snapshots of women’s panties, meets a gal who becomes his Virgin Mary.