Japanese action film ‘Re:Born’ will have its US premier at IDTV Action Fest this coming August. Iron Dragon TV ActionFest is an international film festival devoted to the multiple facets of action cinema. The festival programing will include screening of new films from prominent directors/stars, indie, & the next generation of filmmakers from the action genre. Industry heavyweights will conduct panels, discussing their specific field & allow a one-on-one type experience with the fans.

Source: ScreenAnarchy

This year the film’s protagonist Tak Sakaguchi will be in attendance for the screening of ‘Re:Born‘. Best known for his role in Ryuhei Kitamura’s cult film ‘Versus’, Tak is also well known for his martial arts skills. Before staring in films, he was an underground street fighter well known for his skills in Bajiquan, Shorinji Kempo, boxing, and kick boxing.

Directed by Yuji Shimomura, ‘Re:Born’ follows a legendary soldier with a mysterious past who decides to unleash his inner beast to stand up for what he cares about.

Watch the trailer for ‘Re:Born’ here.

IDTV Action Fest 2018 will be held August 10 through August 12 in the Galaxy Highland Theater in Austin, Texas. Tickets go on sale soon. For tickets and more information check out the IDTV Action Fest website.