Cha Tae Hyun for High Cut Magazine 2/2017 Photo Source: Blossom Entertainment

Was anyone else as eager as I was to see this movie? If you missed the local showing, the wait for another opportunity will not be in vain. Well GO USA is releasing Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds via digital, Blu-Ray ™ combo pack and DVD on April 10th. It’s an emotional rhapsody of life through happiness, sadness, enlightenment, and acceptance told with a comedic spin.

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Courtesy of Well Go USA

I am a fan of one of the lead actors, Cha Tae Hyun, because of his role in my favorite Korean variety show, 1Night2Days (1N2D). Cha is most often the romantic lead in Rom-Com flicks and dramas. So seeing him in a more adventurous movie is really a treat. It was his participation that drew me to the film. However, I have to admit that while Cha Tae Hyun was every bit as magnificent as I expected him to be, his co-leads were equally impressive. Although this is a comedy, Along With the Gods is wrought with emotion and suspense. Director Kim Yong Hwa transformed a story that originated from a webcomic into a vivid masterpiece for the big screen.


Cast of Along With The Gods for High Cut Magazine 2/2017
Photo Source: Blossom Entertainment

Along With the Gods stars the handsome Ha Jung Woo and cool guy Ju Ji Hoon as the afterlife protection squad to Cha Tae Hyun. In the mortal world, Tae Hyun’s character is a heroic firefighter that gave his life for others, but in the depths of hell, judgment may tell a different story. Jung Woo, Ji Hoon and Kim Hyang Gi team up to defend him in a unique story about the trials that judges us all after death. Jung Woo and Ji Hoon’s undeniable swag coupled with Tae Hyun’s natural awkwardness is a perfect combination. Add a little innocence with Hyang Gi and you’ve got yourself a kickass cast. A notable supporting actor is Do Kyung Soo, also known as D.O. of K-pop sensations, EXO. Kyung Soo is still a relatively new actor, yet he has the poise and grip of a pro. Since his character is crucial to the plot, it was important that he did well. Let’s just say that Kyung Soo realized a new level with this high-strung sentimental character.

Beyond being funny as hell (pun intended), Along With the Gods is high energy combined with innovative graphics and bold characters. It’s going to have you clapping in excitement one minute and inhaling sharply in disbelief the next. Be sure to get the DVD and Blu-Ray combo so that you can enjoy all of the extras. Speaking of extras, Director Kim blessed us with a couple of cameos from two favorite Korean actors. Make sure to watch until the end to see.