Rising Star Wesley Wong, son of legendary Hong Kong actors Angie Chiu and Melvin Wong, will star in the GenFilms SciFi original production ‘Qi : Spacetime Warriors’, a J. Kerry Film, directed by renowned Hong Kong – Hollywood Action Director and Stunt Coordinator Andy Cheng (End Game, Red Line, Rush Hour, Into The Badlands), featuring original music by Kevin Kiner (Stargate SG1, Star Trek Enterprise, Star Wars : Clone Wars).

In March 2018, Wong makes his U.S. film debut in the Legendary Entertainment/ Universal Pictures U.S. – China co-production ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ as one of a new generation of Jaeger Pilots, Ou-Yang Jinhai. A graduate of Bejing Film Academy, his feature roles included a supporting lead role in Sorry I Love You (2013), a remake of a successful Korean drama filmed in Bejing and Vancouver; a supporting role in the Thai-China co-production Massagist (2015); and lead roles in the Singaporean film Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen (2015), the Chinese film Buxiude Shiguang (When We Were Young) (2016), and the Taiwanese film Falling in Love (2017). Wong is now stepping into the lead role in ‘Qi : Spacetime Warriors,’ the first of its kind, an epic Chinese, Hollywood-style, science fiction film.

‘Qi’ takes place in a technologically evolved society of a future China and tells the story of the Chinese Taoist Monk Wang Long Sheng, played by Wesley Wong, who is destined to become a Spacetime Warrior and save the universe from an ancient threat from another dimension determined to destroy the world.

‘Qi’ won Silver for Best Original Screenplay at the 2017 Chinese Canada Golden Maple Film Festival, with Producer, Writer and Director Jessie Kerry as the only foreign participant receiving the award. Qi’s script was written in English with sections in Chinese, Russian and an artificial language making it a unique concept in the Sino-foreign co-production landscape. Qi will include many Chinese actors and martial artists while also featuring about 36 foreign roles. Other signed talent include Chinese actor Stefan Sun (iPartment 4, Legend of Princess Lanling), New Zealand actor James Trevena-Brown (Shannara Chronicles, American Woman, Charlie Says) and Canadian-Chinese actor Kent S. Leung (John Apple Jack, Chalay Thay Saath), with Australian actor Marcus Vanco (Shannara Chronicles) and Spanish actor Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth, Shannara Chronicles) in talks for major support roles, and mixed race Chinese talent Julia Lilly Sives has been cast in a special role that will bridge cultures.

Qi’s pre-production is scheduled for December 2018 at the renown Wanda Studios in Qingdao, China and will commence with Principal Photography in March 2019 with the World-Premiere set for May 2021 at Cannes International Film Festival. Other Chinese co-production companies involved are the American USA Hollywood Pictures International Inc. with branches in China and Hong Kong, the Beijing Legendary Pioneer Films Co. Ltd., the Beijing Hongying Culture Co. Ltd. and the Sichuan Ouyang Baoyu Culture Media Co. Ltd. .


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