The 10th Jeonju Project Market is officially underway as part of the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival that began May 3 under the helm of Executive Director Lee Chungjik.

The 10th edition of JPM takes place May 6-8 at the ‘Ramada Jeonju Hotel’ in Jeonju Cinema Street. JPM is an industry program designed by the Jeonju International Film Festival in an effort to strengthen the festival’s connection with the film industry and make contributions to the development of Korean cinema.

The market consists of three major programs:

‘Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion’ where film industry professionals from investment, production, and the distribution sector participate;

the newly-introduced pitching event, ‘Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP): NEXT EDITION’; and lastly, seminars designed for filmmakers.

‘Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion‘ is a project development fund where six projects was selected out of 131 applications. Finalists include Ko Hee-young’s “The Breathing of Fire,” and PARKKANG Areum’s “One Way Restaurant,” that embodies its own narration style through various subjects and messages. Selected projects will be showcased at ‘Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion’ after going through a four month development period. Following the JCFP event, ‘Networking Hour’ offers an opportunity for participants to discuss their future production, investment and distribution in greater depth. If the organizer selects a winner, the finalist will proceed to the ‘Jeonju Cinema Project’ and a production investment of up to 100 million KRW will be offered.

The first ‘JCP: Next Edition’ is a pitching event to select a foreign project for ‘JCP 2019,’ and was launched ambitiously in celebration of the 10th JPM anniversary. The six projects selected are unique and innovative works that share the alternative identity of Jeonju IFF.  One project will be selected for ‘JCP 2019.’

This year’s seminars are designed for indie filmmakers. With the theme of ‘After Cinema: Next Steps After Filmmaking’, the event will seek ways to enter international film festival circuits and understand Korea’s distribution structure & trends, along with actual overseas case studies of an independent film production company called ‘Bomnae Films.’

‘JPM Awards Ceremony’ takes place at 7pm on May 8, which falls on the last day of the Jeonju Project Market. The winners of each category, and the selection for JCP, and final fund amount will be announced.

Meanwhile, 19th Jeonju International Film Festival is in full swing and continues until May 12 in Jeonju Cinema Street.

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