– Attending around 150 Film Industry professionals from 55 firms welcomed helpful events

Breathing of Fire, The(director Ko Hee-young) and Diary of a Dancer (director Damien Manivel) have been selected for ‘Jeonju Cinema Project 2019′

The 10th JPM(Jeonju Project Market) that took place for 3 days from May 6-8 ended in big success. Many industry insiders from investment, production, and the distribution sector participated in the ‘Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion, ‘Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP): Next Edition,’ and a seminar called ‘After Cinema: Next Steps After Filmmaking.’

‘Jeonju Cinema Fund Promotion,’ which introduced selected projects competing for development funding, took place last Sunday May 6. Six projects were invited to pitch at the event including Parkkang Areum’s “One Way Restaurant.” Attendees learned in-depth about each project through Q &A with jury members. Following the ‘Networking Hour’ event and business meetings, industry insiders discussed important aspects of the film industry, including Investment, production and distribution.

The first ‘JCP: Next Edition,’ a pitching event for the selection of international project for ‘JCP 2019,’ was launched last Monday on May 7. Many Korean & foreign guests and film-industry professionals showed great interest as they were given access to the early stages of projects from the directors who have previously showcased works at Jeonju IFF.

In addition, the three-part seminar called ‘After Cinema: Next Steps After Filmmaking’ attracted a lot of attention from industry insiders and filmmakers who attended the festival. Speakers held discussions about their experiences, which helped attendees develop more in-depth knowledge of the film industry.

‘JPM Awards Ceremony’ that took place on May 8 has announced the final selection for Jeonju Cinema Project, and winners of each category. Special attention was paid to the winner announcement of ‘JCP’, which offers production investment of ca.100 million KRW by Jeonju International Film Festival.

‘Jeonju Cinema Project 2019’‘ was awarded to Ko Hee-young’s Breathing of Fire, The and Damien Manivel’s Diary of a Dancer. JCP selection committee who selected Breathing of Fire, The explained their final decision saying “a highly anticipated documentary about the life of a craftsman who has been making a pottery for a long time. It is also a new work by Ko Hee Young, who was well received in competition of Jeonju International Film Festival with her previous film ”

JCP: Next Edition juries who selected Diary of a Dancer commented “It is a project that takes a bet: to include in one gesture many others: a love story and a story of work, the work of gazing and the work of welcoming, the work of starting at new and the work of remembering we are a body. Cinema as we know was born silent, meaning purely choreographic. It is with this ancient freedom that this film wish to connect again“.

In addition, the special mention goes to A Treatise on Limnology by Dane Komljen and James Lattimer. The reason why they agreed on giving a special mention is that, “Since the selection was at the same time very diverse, convincing and daring, our jury task was all for the better made difficult. Every project has its own very true qualities and singularity.”

Also explained that A Treatise on Limnology is “a project that combines depth and surface, heavens and its earthly reflection, archives and present, that articulates ecology and beauty, science and cinema, North and South, one and two filmmakers.”

The 10th Jeonju Project Market has bid farewell on May 8th and it is off to start another decade. Jeonju Cinema Fund and JCP: Next Edition applications will resume from the second half of the year, which leaves much expectation for more original projects in the next edition.

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