Following the end of the tournament, the young heroes start their first internships with real pros, realizing, more and more, the fact that in this age, being a super hero is a profession which comes with many responsibilities and requirements beyond sheer power. At the same time, The League of Villains is once again on the move, as they have unleashed Hero Killer: Stain onto the world, in a series of events that eventually bring him facing the protagonists of the series. The season ends with another splendid arc, as for their final exams, the students face their toughest opponents yet—their teachers.

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This time, the anime takes a darker and more serious turn, since, besides the aforementioned class with reality, we learn a lot more about All Mighty’s past and where his power and his injury came from, and we are finally introduced (kind of) to the arch villain of the series. Furthermore, Iida’s relationship with his now incapacitated brother, Todoroki’s with his father, and the one between Bakugo and Midoriya become more intense and more dramatic. The presence of Stain allows for a number of additional comments regarding the concepts of hero and justice, as the young protagonists, and the public for that matter, become confused by Stain’s raw pragmatism. At the same time, some of the girls learn of the world of show business, in another aspect of their job that benefits more from their looks than their abilities. The themes of heroism, friendship, comradeship, coming-of-age are also here once more, inducing the title with additional depth.

The above however, do not mean that the action is put in the background; on the contrary, the various action scenes remain impressive, even including characters like Froppy, who were not given so much time previously. The presence of Stain and the revealing of the abilities of the teachers and a number of new professional heroes benefit this aspect even more, while the “darker” turn we mentioned before also applies to the battles, who have become much more serious.

Lastly, the elements of humor and parody remain, and intensify the entertainment aspect of the title.

I daresay that the second part of the second season is even more impressive, as we watch the main characters evolve through the dramatic events that take place in their world. Personally, I cannot wait for more



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