Life is a collection of moments coming out of the aura of relationships. The relationship could be between a mother and child, father and daughter or son, husband and wife and so on. But somehow, like life, every relationship expires with time. And the thread of relationship moves on with time in a quest to fulfill its wish. Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki portrays few of these relationship moments like an untold poetry in his classic “Doob: No Bed of Roses”.

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Prominent film director from Bangladesh Javed Hasan (Irrfan Khan) falls in a new relationship with her daughter’s friend Nitu (Parno Mittra). With time, Javed marries Nitu and divorces his present wife Maya (Rokeya Prachy). Javed’s daughter Saberi (Tisha) fails to accept her father’s infidelity and decides not to keep any relation with him. The narrative moves through the subtle path of emotions to bring in the threads of relationships till life touches the final thread- death.

Irrfan Khan is a cerebral actor and produces one of his best performances in this movie. Every expression of his is perfect and blends like a stroke of brush on a canvas of thoughts. Tisha as Saberi is outstanding and her character goes through many shades of emotions in the movie. She performs brilliantly and in spite of the strong presence of Irfaan, she comes out with flying colours, scene after scene. Parno Mittra  is excellent as Nitu but  she has a much easier role to portray in this deep emotionally conflicting drama. Rokeya Prachy is quite convincing as Maya and depicts her emotional gaps with Javed flawlessly in the narrative.

There is not much of uniqueness in the storyline of the movie and so the brilliance of the director is reflected in the storytelling approach. The pace of the movie, the movement of camera with dialogues in every scene, the blending of music with the flow of the narrative has been brilliant and done with highest level of aesthetic thoughts. The movie has numerous shots with accurate detailing and it shows the brilliance of the director.  Cinematography of Sheikh Rajibul Islam is poetic and harmonizes perfectly with the script. Editing of Momin Biswas is precise and allows to keep the flow of the movie aesthetically.

“Doob: No Bed of Roses” throws many points of thought for its audience about life and relationship. The movie creates a broad spectrum for us to think and come up with own ideas rather than forcing any direct statements. It’s a different story telling approach that wins and kudos to the entire team of “Doob: No Bed of Roses” for giving us such a classical poetry on silver screen.