Directors: James Lew, Robert Samuels (co-director)
Produced By:
Robert Jefferson – Associate Producer
Shing Ka – Producer
Gine Lui – Producer
Mark V Wiley – Executive Producer
Writer: Mark V. Wiley
Cast: Tony Darrow, Raymond J. Barry, Vincent Pastore, Jay Kwon, Lo Meng, Chiu Chi Ling.

Made In Chinatown has all the ingredients to make a huge impact when released this November with Directors Art Camacho and Robert Samuels bringing us a film which faces the Chinese gangs against the Italians. The movie is set around the divide between Little Italy and Chinatown, Canal street. Illegal smuggling of herbs and oils make tensions run high between the Chinese and Italians and the end result is a bloody one.

Tony Sirico plays the Don of Dons, Vincenzo Cento from Sicili. A fued between Mob bosses Al Capella (New York) and Amadore Condimento (Brooklyn) means he has to return to sort things out. The cast and crew for the movie is a dream one, Tony Sirico (Sopranos) playing The Don, Vincent Pastore (Sopranos, Tony Darrow (Goodfellas), Raymond J. Barry (Dead Man Walking), William DeMeo (Gotti), to Martial Art Cinema legends such as Hwang Jang Lee, Lo Meng and Robert Sameuls.

Made In ChinaTown also has Emmy Winning Action Coordinator James Lew on board, who has worked on movies such as Big Trouble In Little China, Get Smart, Rush Hour 3 to TV series like Luke Cage and Conan.

In New York City, Canal Street divides Little Italy and Chinatown, and a bridge separates Manhattan from Brooklyn. But this doesn’t stop a turf war from erupting among Italian and Chinese organized crime syndicates. There’s Al Capella, Manhattan mob boss, Amador Condimento, Brooklyn mob boss, and Hung Phat, Chinatown Triad boss. They’re all involved in the illegal trafficking of oils, spices, and herbs has been around for centuries, begun by the great Italian explorer Marco Polo-and its very serious business for these crime families. Recently, they’ve been trying to move on each other’s turf and tensions are high. And when a Chinese guy named “Vinny” Chow starts poking around and tries to join the MOB (to get an Italian girl), the double-crossing begins. The title “Made in Chinatown” is a play on the phrase “Made in China” and the Italian Mafia’s notion of being “Made”) – And so, Vinny Chow literally is “Made” in Chinatown.

Are You Ready?

Made In ChinaTown is sure to be on everyone’s lips, with such an amazing cast and crew, Tambull Media and R4 Films really have made everyone stand up and pay attention. R4 films over the past few years have been getting stronger and stronger, Robert Samuels and Robert Jefferson delivering great projects such as Beast, Final Contact, Jun to the amazing interview with Shaw Brothers legend Lu Feng.

If you love Action, If you love Gangster Movies, If you love Martial Art Movies, then this is the movie for you. If you feel excited by Made In ChinaTown then make sure you spread the word and let people know about it, this is going to be a big hit.

When we have more information about Made In ChinaTown, we will be the first to let you know. For now, enjoy some posters and behind the scenes pictures from Made In ChinaTown.

Source: IMDB