“Warriors of Future” is the debut work of visual effects artist Ng Yuen-fai who worked on previous productions such as “The Warlords”, “Re-Cycle” and “Tai Chi Zero”. The Action/Sci-fi blockbuster boasts a well-seasoned cast in Louis Koo, (“Three” “Drug War“) Sean Lau, (“The White Storm” “Black Mask”) and Carina Lau. (“Days of Being Wild”  “2046”)

The film has been in production since early 2017 and is set to release next year, a trailer for the film has been released.


In 2055, a meteorite, which brings a fast-growing alien vine named “Pandora”, crashes down on a barren Earth ravaged by pollution and global warming. “Pandora” purifies the planet but kills everything in its path. To protect the citizens of their city, the heavily armored military of Hong Kong, armed with the plant’s genetic map, tries but fails to destroy “Pandora” and uncovers a conspiracy. (From Wikipedia)