Japanese director Hitoshi Yazaki (“Acapella” “Strawberry Shortcakes”) has completed production on his new film “Still Life of Memories”. The film is inspired by the life and works of famous French photographer Henri Maccheroni. The film sees Masanobu Ando (“Kids Return” “Battle Royale”) in the lead role, inspired by the iconic artist.

The production has been completed and Article Films has released a trailer for the film.


“Still Life of Memories” was inspired by the photography book, “Cent photographies choisies dans la série 2000 photographies du sexe d’une femme” by the French Photographer, Henri Maccheroni. The photographer was fascinated by women’s genital divinity, which has ever-changing expressions just like the surface of the lake. This photographic collection has been censored, and not allowed importation into Japan even till this present day. Films showing female genitalia undergo strict and awful processing by the Administration Commission of Motion Picture Code of Ethics before release. However, the unabridged edition can be shown in France which is Maccheroni’s homeland and other European countries. (Article Films)



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