“… a wild and boisterous crime drama …” ~ David Ehrlich, INDIEWIRE

“… solid two hours of action and suspense that’s muscularly directed by Lee and stylishly shot …” ~ Richard Kuipers, VARIETY

Directed by Lee Hae-Young (“The Silenced”), “Believer”, the stylish, action-packed remake of Johnnie To’s Drug War, hits digital, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD October 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. While technically a remake, Cary Darling of The Houston Chronicle notes that “Lee Hae-Yeong’s gripping retelling … stands on its own and is different enough from the original to make it less a clone and more of a genuflection.” The story follows an investigator who, in an effort to bring down the boss of Asia’s biggest drug cartel, conspires with a lowly member of the gang seeking revenge against the boss. “Believer”, stars Cho Jin-woong (“The Handmaiden”), Ryu Jun-yeol (“A Taxi Driver”), Kim Joo-hyuck (“The Servant”), Kim Sung-ryoung (“The Target”), Park Hae-jun (“Unforgettable”) and Cha Seoung-won (“Man on High Heels”).

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A low-level drug dealer facing prosecution conspires with a dangerously ambitious cop to bring down a major cartel’s psychotic kingpin in this electric crime thriller, based on Johnnie To’s critically-acclaimed Drug War.

Country of Origin: South Korea

“Believer” has a runtime of approximately 124 minutes and is not rated.

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