Girls with guns movies similar to “The Inspector Wears Skirts” series directed by Wellson Chin Sing Wai, were popular in Hong Kong during the late 80s. In this updated version, director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai offers us nothing new except more cleavage and perhaps a glossier looking movie.

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Nonetheless, “Special Female Force” kicks off with a bang in a Thailand hotel resort where an all-female task force, dressed only in bikinis, comes face to face with a terrorist known as the President. After a very violent shootout in which five of the six members were killed,  the President manages to escape unharmed thanks to the help of his blood thirty body guard.

Fast forward twenty years, we learn that the sole survivor is now working in the Hong Kong police academy, where she’s taking on new female recruits. It also happens that one of the girls is actually the daughter of the original task force members who was killed. After months of training, six capable girls are selected to form a brand new all-female special force. Soon they are heading to Malaysia to hunt down the President, that very same terrorist from Thailand.

Director Wilson Chin is best known for his 2011 rom-com Lan Kwai Fong series. In “Special Female Force”, he gives us a slightly different version of sleaze with plenty of gun action thrown in. Moreover, the movie is like a tour of beautiful Asian resorts, very colourful, glossy and full of young fiery girls. When the action kicks in, the soundtrack is loud and consists of heavily distorted guitar rips. Surprisingly, the knife fights are vicious and bloody, considering this is actually an all-girl action comedy movie.

The actresses are mostly models or from Hong Kong TV series and needless to say, they are all attractive, very slim and most importantly, scantily clad. As predicted, in order to provide some comedy relief, a goofy overweight girl is thrown into the mix in the form of Honey and she’s played by Joyce Cheng. Fa, the daughter whose mother was killed in Thailand is played by Eliza Sam. Next up is Ling (Anita Chui), the one with a pair of huge lungs. Cathryn Lee plays Cat, Jeana Ho is Tung and Mandy Ho plays Mandy. Together, they are the selected members of the new elite force. Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz plays the President, the movie’s villain. He doesn’t do much here and strangely, we don’t get to see him until the last act.

So, who will be interested in watching this type of movie? For a start, the overall acting in general ranges from bad to average, accordingly leading to a collection of cringe worthy moments. The police academy training part where we get to know the six girls, basically takes up most of the movie’s run time. It’s overly long and filmed like some TV reality shows without any script. We see the girls go through standard training, running everywhere in their skimpy outfits, shooting enormous guns and in general, just behaving like goofy juvenile. Therefore, as a viewer, your patience is really put into an endurance test here.

The action packed last act is filmed in Malaysia, interestingly, while hunting down the President, the girls abruptly rip their dresses off, switch into tight tank tops and shorts which offer no protection at all. This is followed in a big shootout where we get excessive shots of bullet casings ejecting from machine guns in predictable slow mo. All of this leads to a foot case and some bloody knife fights in a water channel where all the girls end up all sweaty and wet. Surprisingly, there is hardly any nudity during the whole movie, but plenty of cleavage just the same.

“Special Female Force” is obviously targeting a special audience and in that regards the film makers probably succeed. So if you want exploitation entertainment, hot girls wearing next to nothing, screaming and kicking around in tight shorts, while effortlessly dispatching their enemies, this movie might just be your dream come true.