Directed By: Robert Samuels
Produced By: Robert Jefferson, Eng Andy, Torari Casel, Alan Goldberg, James V.Santi
Written By: Robert Jefferson
Action By: TeamOneTake
Cast: Roxalinda Vasquez, Armondo Magallanes, Francisco Topete, Miguel Peralta, Gerado Luna, Salvador Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Contreras, Revato Flores, Alberto Milan
Special Appearance: Lu Feng

Director Robert Samuels and Producer Robert Jefferson are back with a bang, the latest installment of the Final Contact series titled “Zero“, delivers more hard hitting Action and a special cameo appearance from Shaw Brothers legend Lu Feng.

Female lead Roxalinda Vasquez takes center stage in the latest installment of the “ever growing” Youtube series, providing the viewer with some great Martial Art skills, taking the audience back to the times of Yukari Oshima and Moon Lee but with modern Camera Angles and Choreography.

R4 Films and TeamOneTake are taking Independent Martial Arts Movies to the next level with fresh and exciting ideas for the viewers with each project. If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, please make sure you subscribe to R4 Films Youtube Channel below on the link.

Filmed in Mexico, Final Contact “Zero” has a great soundtrack throughout keeping with the tradition of Mexico, the music blends in nicely with the story and action, a credit to Reese Tanaka for doing a great job.

Director Robert Samuels was the protege of the legendary Sammo Hung, starring in movies such as The Gambling Ghost and Don’t Give A Damn, Robert came back to starring and Directing with his new company R4 Films. Robert Samuels and his team just finished a big budget movie with Shaw Brothers legend Lo Meng coming soon called “ChinaTown“. Also in development is to bring a project to Netflix, a series based on the Venom characters from the classic “Five Venoms“. This would have a joint Asian and American cast, starring Venoms Lu Feng, Kwok Chui, Lo Meng, Sun Chien with Lu Feng producing the series.

This is the third installment in the Final Contact series and what better way to end the episode than to introduce the character of legendary Shaw Brothers actor Lu Feng. Lu Feng is known around the world as one of the Five Venoms “Venom Mob”, starring in many Kung Fu Classics such as Chinatown Kid, Crippled Avengers, Invincible Shaolin and many more.

Final Contact is making all the right noise with fans on social media, the news also that Lu Feng makes a special cameo appearance will surely make the series more popular around the world. So here we go, the link to the latest episode of Final Contact. Please subscribe to the channel and show support for Independent Martial Art Films.