Indian director Amit Dubey (“Mind Cage”) has completed production on his new film “The Spell” a supernatural horror film. The film stars Thanet Thorn (“The Gate”) as Thida, a troubled housewife investigating a dark spirit that is haunting her husband.

“The Spell” is set for a theatrical release on October 5th in Cambodia, a trailer for the film has been released by Westec Media Limited.


Thida moves to a new home with her husband in the Cambodian countryside. She begins to notice water puddles creeping out of nowhere in her new home, and is terrified when she has a vision of her own dead body floating in the swimming pool. She finds an old letter that reveals her husband’s secretive past. A mysterious illness paralyses her husband, and when the doctor is unable to help she consults a monk; he warns her of the dark spirit that shadows her husband. Thida battles to protect her husband from the relentless dark spirit. She finds strength in her immense love for her husband, but will she succeed in saving him? (Horropedia)

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