Veteran Chinese actor and stunt man Kar Lok Chin has completed production on his third feature length film “Golden Job”. The film, which was funded by Jackie Chan, reunites Ekin Chang, Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Chin Ka Lok, and Jerry Lamb. The actors previously starred together in the iconic 90’s Hong Kong Triad-themed movie series “Young and Dangerous”. Rounding up the star studded cast is veteran actor Eric Tsang, who acts as mentor to the group of thieves.

The film is set for a theatrical release on September 20th, a trailer for the film has been released.


Five years ago, a group of mercenaries disbanded after a failed mission. The quintet, led by Commander Rice, consisted of team leader Lion (Ekin Cheng), explosives expert Crater (Jordan Chan), intelligence officer Bill (Michael Tse), getaway driver Calm (Chin Ka-lok), and computer hacker Mouse (Jerry Lamb). Lion is now a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing medicine to supply the refugee camp where Dr. Chow (Charmaine Sheh) works. But a life-saving drug she needs is being held by a foreign intelligence agency. (GSC Movies)