With over 26 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Mumbai born filmmaker Kabir Bhatia is a multiple award winning Director/Producer who has spent the last 20 years in Malaysia stamping his strong visual style on the Film Industry.

He cut his teeth at UTV-Mumbai where he began as a 24 year old Director/Writer/Executive Producer, honing his skills in TV and eventually working across all platforms.
He moved to Malaysia when the UTV GROUP set up headquarters in the ASEAN region and Produced and Directed numerous TV formats .

He was a Partner and Managing Director of Filmscape (Malaysia), a respected Production House for a period of ten years. Besides their core business of TV and Film Production, he ventured successfully into Commercials, PSAs and Political Campaigns.

Having directed and Produced numerous Ad’s, Travelogues, Fiction for Television and 10 Features across the Asian region including Indonesia and Singapore, Kabir ended his partnership with Filmscape to concentrate on fewer projects .

‘You have to keep changing your set ways. You have to go back to the beginning so that you never lose that fire.’

The last three years:

2016 :
BISIK PADA LANGIT: A film that was a hit in 2017 based upon a father dealing with the loss of his daughter. (Astro Shaw)

Pulang : Inspired by true events, this Epic is based upon the lives of Malaysian Sailors pre and post indendence. The film is currently playing in the Cinemas to rave reviews (Primeworks Studios-Producers.

ANAK MERDEKA: 6 part mini series (Angsana Productions for ASTRO on 6 platforms)
BRA: 14 part series ( Comicbook Production for Mediacorp)

SANGKAR: Feature film on MMA fighters. In Post Production (INFINITUS)
SALON- 10 part dark comedy on a female serial killer. Currently shooting (MONSOON PICTURES for VIU CLIP and NTV7)

Here are his ten favorite Malaysian films, in no particular order

1. Jogho (U-Wei Haji Saari, 1997)

2. Perempuan Melayu Ter Akhir (The Last Malay Woman, Erma Fatima, 1999)

3. Papadom (Afdlin Shauki, 2009)

4. Budak Kelantan (Wan Azli Wan Jusoh, 2008)

5. Puteri Gunung Ledang (A Legendary Love, Teong Hin Saw, 2004) 

6. Kil (Nik Amir Mustapha, 2013) 

7. Dukun (Dain Said, 2018) 

8. Bunohan: Return to Murder (Dain Said, 2011) 

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9. Talentime (Yasmin Ahmad, 2009) 

10. Spinning Gasing (Teck Tan, 2000) 

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