Cast: Markus Walton, Xavier Luo, Jonathan M.Fields, Christopher L.Campbell, Devon Rodgers, Krystal Harvey, Adam Casko, Susan Prowler, Khaul Rigaud, Charmahane Webbe, Phoenix Le Grand,

JPL Films,Its Your Best Kept Secret Multimedia Group Inc In Association With Tiger Shark Media And Manawor Films.

If you are one of the many Blade fans around the world sat patiently for another Blade movie, then look no further. Blade Of The Day Walker, Written by Jean Phoenix le Grand and Krystal Harvey, is a Marvel fan film starring Markus Walton as Blade, who is once again forced to take on the underworld of vampires waiting to kill everyone and anyone in their way.

Blade encounters a new breed of vampires who stalks their victims day and night. Blade is forced into battle with a blood thirsty gang of vampires, including the leader of the new breed. Will Blade rise in victory over the underworld of this new breed of vampires or will a more powerful force stop him?

The first several minutes shows a couple walking, being stalked by vampires (Which they are unaware off). During this time, we get this nice build up of tension with the music as time and time again we are introduced to the group known as the “New Breed“. After being surrounded by the group, Blade then appears to rescue them and take down the new breed, one by one. Markus Walton who plays Blade, does a great job at capturing the moves and mood of the character and when he fights his way through each vampire, we feel his energy and pain to wipe out the new breed. Xavier Lou who plays “Fino” did a great job during the fight sequence with Blade, which delivers hand to hand combat, knives, swords, this fight will entertain you.

Another great fight scene was with Blade and Parris, played by Jonathan M.Fields. Here we are treated to a sword fight between both characters with fast, pumped up music, nice camera angles capturing the movements and a fight to the death. It has a eerie feel to the fight with nice a green colour which really looks great on camera, it’s small details like that which makes the viewing even better for the audience.

When the team got the call to contribute to the 2018 UASE Blade 20th Anniversary Tribute, they only had 4 weeks to complete the project. Locations were found in just 24 hours, the script was finished quickly due to the team knowing exactly what they wanted to do, but due to the Florida heat, filming at times was hard to bare.

I very much enjoyed Blade Of The Day Walker and have to give full credit to everyone for putting this short movie together and doing a good job of it. Team Legacy Stunts is a group of highly skilled performers, Martial Artists and Fight Choreographers. They are based out of South Florida with team members also in New York.

The first official screening for the upcoming Vampire/Martial Arts Movie Blade Of The Day Walker, will be shown on November 10th 2018 at the Urban Action Showcase International Film festival (10am-12am), AMC Empire 25 theaters234 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036.