Director Anand Shankar (“Arima Nambi”, “Iru Mugan”) has completed production on his latest film “Nota”. The Crime/Drama film stars Vijay Deverakonda (“Arjun Reddy”) as a man forced into the political spotlight when he steps in for his father who is  being jailed on corruption charges.

“Nota” was released to an international audience in theaters on October 4th, with the film awaiting a domestic release. A trailer for the production has been previously released.


Vasudev “Nasser”, the chief minister of Telangana state, is a hero turned politician. He makes son Mr. Varun “Vijay Deverakonda” as proxy CM on the advice of a Swami Ji. After Vasudev goes to jail on corruption charges, the responsibility of running the state remains with Varun who is a novice in politics. Rest of the story is all about the hurdles Varun encounters as CM. (IMDB)