South Korea loves a good true story movie, even more so when it explores financial foul-play or political corruption. With an impressive star-cast, “Sovereign Default” aims to take a look at the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.


Only one week left until South Korea will go under sovereign default. Han Shi-Hyun (Kim Hey-soo) is a leader of the monetary policy team at the Bank of Korea. She was the first to predict the possible sovereign default. Han Shi-Hyun is then assigned to a crisis team. Yoon Jung-Hak (Yoo Ah-in) works in the finance field. He bets everything under the real possibility of a sovereign default. Gab-Soo (Her Jun-ho) struggles to protect his company and family during the crisis.

“Sovereign Default stars the brilliant Kim Hye-soo (“Tazza: The High Rollers”, “The Thieves) alongside Yoo Ah-in, who’s coming in hot off the success of Lee Chang-dong’s “Burning”, and Heo Jun-ho (“Silmido”, “Illang: The Wolf Brigade”) as well as French superstar Vincent Cassel in a prominent role. The film is expected to release in South Korea on November 28th, 2018.