“ACROSS ASIA FILM FESTIVAL 2018. Ghosts of Asia”
Cagliari, Italy – from 2 to 10 December 2018

ACROSS ASIA, the International Festival dedicated to explore the cinematography of South East Asia – and this year focusing on Thailand e Philippine – is back on the beautiful island of Sardinia and is promising International and Italian Premieres, screenings, masterclasses, workshops and parties all over the city of Cagliari.

Stefano Galanti and Maria Paola Zedda are the creators and the artistic directors of Across Asia Film Festival that is a young festival, focused on most interesting languages of recent cinematographic production from Asia, with the goal of promoting the encounter between Italian and foreign communities and developing cultural exchanges.

Across Asia’s mission is to become a window on the world, a different and unconventional way to look at the Asiatic continent and its representations, away from the standard and usual mainstream view.

The programme includes many Italian premieres and international guests like Thai director Thunska Pansittivorakul, eclectic Filipino director/poet/musician Khavn De La Cruz, awarded Filipino producer Achinette Villamor and buto dancer and director Masaki Iwana.

For the first year the Festival will contain also a section of visual arts, exploring the role of the unique language of video and experimental cinema in contemporary art. Thai artist Jakrawal Nilthamrong e Taiki Sakpisit will present their work for the first time in Italy.

Here are the selected films and video installations available at Across Asia:

A Land Imagined
by Yeo Siew Hua – 2018 – Singapore / France / Netherland

A Page Of Madness
by Teinosuke Kinugasa – 1926 – Japan

A Ripe Volcano
by Taiki Sakpisit 2011 Thailand
A multi-channel video and sound installation

Balangiga: Howling Wilderness
by Khavn Director Khavn – 2018 – Philippines

Bamboo Dogs
by Khavn De La Cruz – 2018 – Philippines

By The Time It Gets Dark
by Anocha Suwichakornpong – 2016 – Thailand

Carte Blanche at Apichatpong Weerasethakul
by Apichatpong Weerasethakul – 2018 – Thailand
A personal selection of the director for AAFF 2018

Charlotte Susabi
by Masaki Iwana – 2018 – Japan

Die Tomorrow
by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit – 2017 – Thailand

by Khavn De La Cruz – 2018 – Philippines

Free and Easy
by Geng Jun – 2017 – China

Homogeneous Empty Time
by Thunska Pansittivorakul – 2017 – Thailand

Immortal Woman
by Jakrawal Nilthamrong – 2010 – Thailand

Invalid Throne
by Jakrawal Nilthamrong – 2018 – Thailand

Juan Tamad Goes To The Moon
by Khavn De La Cruz – 2018 – Philippines

by Hiroshi Okuyama – 2018 – Japan

Manta Ray
by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng – 2018 – Thailand / France / China

Memories of My Body
by Garin Nugroho – 2018 – Indonesia

Nervous Translation
by Shireen Seno – 2018 – Philippines

Season of the Devil
by Lav Diaz – 2018 – Philippines

by Thunska Pansittivorakul – 2014 – Thailand / Germany / USA

Tabula Rasa
by Taiki Sakpisit – 2018 – Thailand
Audio-video installation

by Shinya Tsukamoto – 2018 – Japan

The Terrorists
by Thunska Pansittivorakul – 2011 – Thailand / Germany

You can find the full programme of films, events and more info, on the official website

On paper I am an Italian living in London, in reality I was born and bread in a popcorn bucket. I've loved cinema since I was a little child and I’ve always had a passion and interest for Asian (especially Japanese) pop culture, food and traditions, but on the cinema side, my big, first love is Hong Kong Cinema. Then - by a sort of osmosis - I have expanded my love and appreciation to the cinematography of other Asian countries. I like action, heroic bloodshed, wu-xia, Shaw Bros (even if it’s not my specialty), Anime, and also more auteur-ish movies. Anything that is good, really, but I am allergic to rom-com (unless it’s a HK rom-com, possibly featuring Andy Lau in his 20s)"