Camera Japan Festival 2019
Rotterdam 26-29 September – Amsterdam 3-6 October

Need a Camera Japan fix? We have just the thing for you!

On Friday November 30, there is going to be a screening of a film from the 2018 festival programme. “Being Natural” is an off-beat dramedy revolving around a middle-aged man whose rural life is turned upside down when two urbanites move to his quiet village. A low-key charmer from the director of Journey of the Tortoise (CJ 2017) that becomes more unconventional and unexpected with every passing minute.

There will also be a serving of some of that legendary Camera Japan vegan curry for hungry film-goers. Dinner is served from 19:00. The meal includes curry, dessert, and one complimentary drink. The film screening starts at 20:00.

Film+Food is 16 euros. Film only is 6 euros.

Buying your Film+Food tickets online is strongly recommended. Tickets will be available until 14:00 on Friday November 30.

If you only want to see the film, you may buy your tickets online at any time, or at the door by cash/pinpas.

The Shofukan is located at Charloisse Kerksingel 32-14, 3082 DB Rotterdam

In September, “Being Natural” director Nagayama Tadashi and lead actress Mieda Natsuki were welcomed to the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam. Read the interview on the festival’s website.

Become a friend of the Camera Japan Festival

From small beginnings in 2006, Camera Japan has grown into the biggest Japanese cultural festival in the Benelux. Every year, they work hard to screen a broad and diverse cross-section of current Japanese cinema and to organize a substantial side programme with strong links to Japanese culture.

But, like so many other cultural organisations and institutions, Camera Japan has been hit by decreasing subsidies and rising costs. Thinking about new ways to finance the festival and to offer more value to you, the audience, the festival’s organizers came up with the Camera Japan Kurabu (“kurabu” is the Japanese for club).

The Camera Japan Kurabu is not a one-off fundraising initiative like Kickstarter, but an opportunity for them to develop long-term relationships with fans of Camera Japan. You will play a key part in keeping the festival going and you will help them create what they like to think is a very special experience in the Netherlands. So, are you a Momo, an Ume, or a Sakura?

All the details are on their website.
This festival is part of the Rotterdam Festivals.
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