Following its plan to upload more and more local content alongside the more predictable blockbusters, streaming giant Netflix is about to give us the opportunity to binge on good Filipino movies.

After choosing to stream Mikhail Red’s Academy Award-nominated “Birdshot” in March, Netflix has just announced a new list of films, including bombastic action thriller “BuyBust” by Erik Matti.

Here is the list of Filipino movies coming soon to Netflix:

“Heneral Luna” (2015) by Jerrold Tarog (Release date on Netflix: November 1)
Set during the Philippine-American war, a short-tempered Filipino general faces an enemy more formidable than the American army: his own treacherous countrymen. (IMDb)


“BuyBust” (2018) by Erik Matti (Release Date on Netflix: November 15)
New recruit of an elite anti-narcotic squad Nina Manigan and a group of the best men and women of the team find themselves fighting for their lives in the slums of Manila after a botched buybust.


“Kita Kita” (2017) by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo (Release Date on Netflix: November 16)
A blind woman falls in love with a man who uses kindness and humor to make a connection with her. (IMDb)


Netflix also confirmed the following titles, with release dates to be announced:

“My Ex & Whys” (2017) by Cathy Garcia-Molina
The film follows the story of Cali, a blogger who owns the up and coming blog, “The Bakit List,” and her ex Gio who will return to her life unexpectedly and surprisingly after breaking her heart. (IMDb)


“It Takes A Man And A Woman” (2013) by Cathy Garcia-Molina
Third of a series, the film follows the life of Miggy and Laida after their break-up which occurred after the events in the second film. Miggy, is now in a relationship with Belle while Laida is now a fiercer woman after living in the United States. (IMDb)


“Seven Sundays” (2017) by Cathy Garcia-Molina
The Bonifacio siblings reunite when they find out their father is diagnosed with cancer. In the process, they have to deal with unresolved issues among themselves before it’s too late. (IMDb)


“Starting Over Again” (2014) by Olivia Lamasan
A pair of exes run into each other again years after a breakup that left them with plenty of unresolved questions. (IMDb)


“That Thing Called Tadhana” (2014) BY Antoinette Jadaone
A story about a broken-hearted girl who meets a boy in a not so normal way. Together, they go to places and find out “where do broken hearts go?”. (IMDb)


“The Breakup Playlist” (2015) BY Dan Villegas
A story about an aspiring professional singer and a rock singer who collaborates in a song. As they work on their song, they start to develop feelings for each other. (IMDb)


“The Mistress” (2012) by Olivia M. Lamasan
A young woman is torn between the affections of her two lovers.One is a young bachelor who brings passion into her life. The other is a married man who has kept her as his mistress for years. (IMDb)


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