London Born director Bernard Rose (Candyman, Ivansxtc) has completed production on his new film “Samurai Marathon 1855”. Filmed in Japan, the films stars Takeru Satoh (Inuyashiki, Ruroni Kenshin”) as an government spy investigating an annual marathon, which is considered treasonous. The film marks veteran directors Bernard Rose first production working with a Japanese cast. The film, is adapted from the novel “Bakumatsu Marason Samurai”, written by Akihiro Dobashi.

The film is set to be released on February 22, 2019, a teaser for the film has been released by Gaga Corp.


To prepare his warriors for potential attacks from foreign invaders, the hanshu holds a marathon. The marathon runs along a mountain path for about 58 kilometers. Retainers join the marathon to get a prize offered to them. Meanwhile, the marathon is mistakenly viewed as an act of treason by the central Edo government. Assassins are sent to the hanshu’s castle. Jinnai Karasawa (Takeru Satoh) appears as a normal samurai at the han, but he is actually a spy for the central government. He realizes that assassins are sent to the hanshu castle. To stop the assassins and clear up the misunderstanding, Jinnai Karasawa runs desperately. (Asian Wiki)