It’s been a while since South Korea has produced an fulfilling martial arts action film. Hoping to fill the void is first-time Director Lee Seung-won with his debut feature “Revenger”, which seems to take a leaf out of Indonesian martial arts films in its trailer.


To avenge the murder of his family, a man goes to Sura Island, a prison for dangerous criminals where dangerous criminals are housed.

Along with the director, the film is also the debut vehicle for its lead actor Bruce Khan, who has previously worked behind-the-scenes as a martial arts choreographer as well as on-screen stunt work in some films. Also starring Park Hee-soon (“The Witch: Part 1. Subversion”, “V.I.P.”) and Yoon Jin-seo (“Gyeongju”, “Beastie Boys”), the film is expected to hit South Korean cinemas in December, 2018. How it holds up to its Indonesian cousins like “The Raid” films or even the latest “The Night Comes for Us” remains to be seen.