Indonesian director Kimo Stamboel is working on his most recent project “DreadOut”. The director makes his second solo directorial debut outside of the “Mo Brothers” who made a name for themselves within horror and action with films such as “Killers“, “Macabre“, and “Headshot”. The film is based off of the cult indie horror game of the same name, developed by Digital Happiness in Bandung, Indonesia.

A teaser for the film has been released by Goodhouse along with cast information. We are awaiting more details and full plot synopsis. It is yet to be seen how closely the film will follow the content with the game as director Kimo Stramboel commented that the film will be aimed towards a more teenage audience and he wants to ensure the concepts within the game transfer well to the big screen, while respecting both mediums. Given the directors talents “Dreadout” has the potential to overcome the difficulties of video game adaptation to bring a unique and refreshing take on the mini-genre.



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