Chinese director Andrew Lau (“The Guillotines“, “Revenge of the Green Dragons”) has completed production on his most recent fantasy/comedy martial arts film “Kung Fu Monster” stars the iconic Louis Koo (“Paradox” “Drug War“) as a warrior fighting against a corrupt government that houses a menagerie of bizarre creatures.

“Fung Fu Monster” is set to makes its theatrical debut on December 21, 2018.  A trailer for the film has been previously released and can be viewed below.


During the Wanli Emperor’s reign in the Ming dynasty, Sun Yehe, supervisor of the Eastern Depot, was ordered to capture monsters that have escaped from the royal palace. At the same time, militia warrior Zhen Jian colludes with his martial arts junior Xiong Jiaojiao and female warrior Leng Bingbing gather a group of forest fighters to rob the silver from corrput officials. However, silver was missing, while wanted criminal criminal Feng Sihai appears along with Jianghu wanderer Wu Bai. As a bigger crisis comes, monsters are looking through it nearby. (Wikipedia)



  1. I think Fantasy films are ruining Chinese cinema. Most big name directors are all stuck on doing these types of films. That being said I think Andrew Lau is the exception. These types of films were his bread and butter back in the late 90’s. He pretty much started the CGI fantasy film genre in china with Storm Riders, A Man Called Hero, The Duel etc. I enjoyed all of those at the time so I am always down when he does something like this. I just hope something new can come out of Hong Kong/China that is worth watching. Hopefully Tsui Hark can get to working on his newest non Fantasy film.


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