Yes, Auntie: My Asian Auntie (Season 2) Coming Soon – Trailer


Cast: Joey Min, Leroy Nguyen, , Stephanie Pham, Angela Jordan, Robert L. Jefferson, Jr, Sharif anel-bey

“Like any good person, i just want JUSTICE. But this time, i'm just happy with REVENGE”

Yes, Auntie: My Asian Auntie “Season 2” is a 9 episode web series of all out Action, Martial Arts and Comedy, which will have you on the edge of you're seats from start to finish. Brought to us by Art School Dropouts, Directed by Joey Min, in collaboration with Kamen Ramen Studios, Team Red Pro, Rising Tiger Films, Team One Take Action Design and , Yes, Auntie: My Asian Auntie brings back Joey Min as “Auntie”, who delivered a great performance in the first season and Stephanie Pham, who also makes a return to the series playing the Niece, another Actress to look out for in the future.

Joey Min is an Actor and Director, known for his work on Act of Fate (2011), Final Advent (2009) and My Asian Auntie (2016). Stephanie Pham is a Vietnamese-American Actress, Model, Martial Artist, and co-owner of the YouTube channel/production company, Art School Dropouts.

Yes, Auntie: My Asian Auntie (Season 1) won 2 awards at HBO in 2016, which were best Martial Arts and best Comedy for a web series, a fantastic blend of both, mixed with some great upcoming talent, means Yes,Auntie: My Asian Auntie season 2 has all the ingredients to be a great successs.

Plot – Source – https://www.artschooldropouts.com/yes-auntie-season-2/
“Trouble hits when mob boss, Lester (Leroy Nguyen), finds out that a kung fu fighting old maid is ruining his retirement drug ring, he calls in Jefferson (Robert Jefferson) to send in assassins to handle the issue. Meanwhile, Momma suspects a mole in her division and comes to a local hero, Auntie, for help in her investigation in the city of Voorhees, NJ. Determined, the ladies investigate a lead to an MMA gym and brawl to find out Lester's whereabouts. Back at the house, Sharif (Sharif Anael Bey) is head over heels planning to “woo” his new love interest, only to have his boombox moment crushed by an unexpected visit by Lester and his gang. Fighting for his life against assassin Angelo (Angela Jordan), Lester and henchmen, Sharif gets shot. As soon as Auntie hears the news, she decides to hunt down the criminals and avenge Sharif. Momma, Auntie and Niece join forces to take down the disco dancing mob boss, his right hand assassin , and all his lackies to stop the rampant usage of the deadly drug, and serve justice all in a “Jackie Chan” like comedic action.”

Also on board is Martial Arts Movie veteran Robert Samuels (Don't Give A Damn), who recently Directed a Multi-Million budgeted film ‘MADE IN CHINATOWN“. Art School Dropouts and R4 Films teaming up with such high talent infront and behind the camera and bringing in other Talent, shows how serious everyone is about Yes Auntie: My Asian Auntie.

About Art School Drop Outs – Source: artschooldropouts.com
“Art School Dropouts is an east coast based digital media group that creates original narrative-driven content. With our skill sets on action filmmaking and comedic acting, we aim to entertain through martial arts and comedic action much like Jackie Chan or Charlie Chaplan; all the while incorporating fresh, new ideas from cultural trends of inspirations to modern day media, from comic books to anime. The blend is a refreshing look at nostalgic action for new and old fans of the action genre”.

Be sure to watch this space and spread the word about Yes,Auntie: My Asian Auntie web series. Asian Movie Pulse wishes everyone involved the biggest success and would love everyone now to check out the early trailer and subscribe to their Youtube channel.


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