Celebrate The Year of the Pig with a trio of excellent Premieres.

Handpicked by Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) the three award-winning films are a mix of documentaries and fiction and include the UK Premieres of the Hong Kong box office hit “Men on the Dragon”, with director and cast Q&A (TBC), the documentary “A Way Out”, and the London Premiere of the doc “Turtle Rock”.

“Turtle Rock” by Xiao Xiao – China 2017 – Documentary
LONDON PREMIERE – Monday 21 January 2019 18:30
A fascinating and elegant documentary about a small village in a mountainous region of China.

“A Way Out” by Zheng Qiong – China 2017 – Documentary
UK PREMIERE – Wednesday 23 January 2019 20:30
This new documentary charts the lives, hopes and fears of three Chinese teenagers from contrasting social backgrounds.

“Men on the Dragon” by Sunny Chan – Hong Kong 2018
+ Q&A with cast and crew (TBC)
UK PREMIERE – Friday 25 January 2019 18:20
A heartfelt, feel-good Hong Kong comedy about a group of middle-aged men who rediscover their lust for life.

More about tickets and venues on the BFI website or the CVF website.

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