Director Ran Slavin (“The Insomniac City Cycles”) has completed production on his most recent feature, “Call For Dreams”. The film is inspired by recollections of dreams received from multiple people on various social platforms. Containing multiple segments, the film boasts a diverse and international cast in order to capture the diversity within the subject matter.

Having made its debut previously through the festival route, the film is awaiting a domestic release, a trailer for the film can be viewed below.


In a rain drenched Tokyo, from a high rise apartment, Eko complicates her life by publishing a ‘Call For Dreams’ ad in the newspaper. With her scooter she visits strangers who leave descriptions of dreams on her analogue answering machine, and carries a task in relation to their recording as a form of fantasy deciphering ritual. Details accumulate to a network of dreams involving her neighbor, a Russian mobster and a female body builder, an elderly woman and an Israeli detective investigating a murder in Tel Aviv, in a story that unfolds in parallel lines. (Official Site of Ran Slavin)

Hello, my name is Adam Symchuk and I am from Canada. It was during my teenage years that I became fascinated with Japanese film, in particular, exploitation and horror. I carried my fascination with the genre with me as an adult and began to grow a deeper appreciation in various genres from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China. I hope to grow my knowledge of film across Asia and will continue to explore this through my reviews.