Director Toshinari Yonishi (“Sapphire“) has completed production on his most recent production “Steel Angie”. The film stars Angelina Varlakova as the titular character, along with Vlad Volkhin, Ken Kensei, Megumi Sekine.

Ken Kensei is a Japanese actor working mostly in Hollywood, having participated in films like “Black Rain” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”. In “Steel Angie” he is the coordinator of the sword action. 

The films will be making its debut at Japan Film-fest Hamburg running from May 19th, to the 29th, 2019 . A trailer for the film was previously released through West Night Films.

The Russian ICPO Investigator Angelica, Code name Margarita, was ordered to investigate the Russian Mafia who stole a secret weapon RC from the Russian Government. She infiltrated the Russian Mafia, but was caught later in a Russian forest, when the Russian Mafia was dealing with the Japanese Yakuza, San Mon Kai that was hired by West Night Company, the one of the biggest military company in the world. She was injected with the secret weapon RC by the Mafia and she gains super powers. However, her body does not have necessary antibodies. She must be injected with another RC Type B, or she would die.

Alex, a childhood friend of hers and an American agent also investigating RC, makes contact with the Japanese Yakuza that stole RC from the Russian Mafia. Therefore he must work with the Japanese Yakuza in order to obtain the RC Type-B to save Angelica.

Angelica comes to Japan to continue the RC investigation. She meets Alex and her step father Master Inaba.

In the final fight among the Japanese Yakuza and Alex and West Night Company, Alex saves her life and she realizes his great love for her.