Japanese Director Shunya Takara has completed production on his debut film “Suitable For You”. The family drama film “explores the impact of naming in a relationship and the implications for individuals.” Currently awaiting a domestic release, a trailer for the film has been released and a review for the film can be found here.


Miki Iizuka is dissatisfied with her husband, Yoshinori. One day, she ended up renting a villa with her husband, his coworker Takako Hayashi and Takako’s husband Mitsuru for a vacation getaway. However, as soon as they arrive, Yoshinori and Takako have to solve a sudden work problem, and the two couples have to spend the vacation separately. It seemed as if their precious vacation would become dull, but Miki and Mitsu were elated. The fact was that they were in a secret relationship with each other. Meanwhile, at dinner when Miki heard Yoshinori’s ideal working philosophy, she noticed the gap between them could never be filled. What would this vacation reveal as the thing binding these two couples? And what will they choose for their life? (Treasuretube00)



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