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By Jeff Blaylock

Movies are not only for entertainment. In recent years, the focus has shifted from gaining pleasure with the events that transpire therein to getting inspiration to do work. Students are one of the huge beneficiaries. With restrictions on some films that might contain explicit contents, they now take to these motivational movies to improve on their studies.

Japan is an Asian country that is making great efforts in the movie industry. It is worthy of note that inspirational movies for students are integral parts of the most film released in Japan. There are a whole lot of films that are motivational for students, and it will be good if you learn about them.

  • ReLife

As a student, there are times when you feel like giving up. It might be the voluminous notes to read; the many assignments to deal with or the stressful activities at the college. Whichever troubles you are facing, “ReLife”, a Japanese movie will certainly inspire you. The movie unveils the life of Arata Kaizakim – a 27-year old boy. He quit his job because he was not satisfied with what he got there. Instead, he enrolled for “ReLife” – a research program that takes people through different stages of life. In his case, he was made ten years younger and delegated to start life from high school.

In correlation to this movie is the fact that many students face the same situation. Typically, there are “stormy days” when it seems all efforts are in vain. Arata replicated this situation of things when he gave up his employment. However, life gave him another chance to make things right. As a student, how many times have you stopped to think of your failures and made adjustments to get better? Just like ReLife, there are many other educational movies that help in motivation.

  • Flying Colors

Without a doubt, many students jump up as they anticipate finishing college with flying colors. If you are looking for inspiring films that will help you take positive steps at college, this is a good pick.

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Sayaka Kudo, the protagonist in the movie “Flying Colors” was not what anyone would call a bookworm. Rather, she was interested in other things and took academics for granted. This scenario is not peculiar to her alone, as many students find themselves in the same shoe. Furthermore, it boils down to the fact that nobody has a monopoly over knowledge. From the movie’s perspective, Sayaka took her studies for granted until she was a step away from gaining admission to a university. Because of her distasteful attitude towards her studies, she opted for settled for additional lessons. This time, she was dogged. In the end, she was able to get the admission and soared high with her amazing grades at school. There is no doubt that the inspiration from the movie will get students on their feet and get them to take their studies seriously. You can also get an essay writing company to help you with assignments and essays.

  • Let’s Go, JETS

There are times when studies don’t just matter. It is not out of place to fall in love. Yet, as a student, make sure your emotional state for the opposite sex will bring positive tidings to you. In the movie, “Let’s Go, JETS”, a young girl (Hikari) joined her school’s cheer squad club. The intention was to get closer to her crush. Despite the rigorous training and other activities that sapped the energy out of her, she, just like other teammates, continued the struggle until they got the prize at the end.

Bringing this down, it is clear that this is one of the educational movies that will inspire students to study. In spite of the intimate relationship, Hikari still had her eyes on the target. How many times have you derailed from your books and failed to complete your assignments? No matter the challenges, get up and continue with your academic work. It will pay off someday!

Movies are Motivating

Apart from books, movies are the next channel to get motivation. With the list above, it is clear that there are Japanese movies that inspire students to study. If you are still skeptical and afraid of failing a course, watch any of the movies above and get motivated to add more efforts in your studies.

About the Author

Jeff Blaylock is keen about students’ welfare and has taken time to study some of their traits. It is his belief that inspiring films can motivate them in their studies. With relevant experience in profiling students’ lifestyles, he has come to the conclusion that movies can motivate them, and the list above will be a good way to start.