Throne of elves

This Chinese fantasy cartoon tells about the world of elves. A grand celebration is being prepared in their country – the elf princess is getting married. A warrior called Lambert is invited to the wedding. He does not realize that the queen of the black elves is planning to spoil the event by stealing a valuable relic. But it is he who decides to face the villain.

The Crossing 2

This film is a joint production of China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Our characters are aboard the ship called Taiping. There is drama, there is love, and there is the fear of death.

The Beauty Inside

Recently, Korean love films were replenished with a masterpiece by director Song Hyun-Wook who combines science fiction and melodrama. The main character has a stable inner world, but his appearance changes every morning. How can you love a guy like that? Han Se-Kye managed to fall in love with him because of which she got herself into lots of troubles.

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A Millionaire’s First Love

The future millionaire Kang must live in the village and finish school with good grades. A spoiled guy from a rich family finds himself in another world. Kang is deprived of the usual benefits, and it makes him angry. But there was a surprise for him – the local people calmly react to his rudeness, and the girl Choi Eun-Hwan is completely different from the urban beauties.

Christmas in August

The tragic story of the photographer. Jung Won meets a great girl by the name of Da-Rim. From this point on, a man’s life changes. With her, he forgets about his incurable disease and rejoices in everyday things. But the final scene is quite sad and dramatic, though we will not spoil it for you.

Always Sunset on Third Street

The film, directed by Takashi Yamazaki, is based on the manga called Ryohei Saigan which won numerous awards. The action takes place in the post-war Tokyo of the 50s where a rather motley generation lives in one of the slum districts, and the life of these people is the main focus of the movie. The film is filled with nostalgia for the old days and the romantic era when technological development has not yet changed people.

Pure Love

A radio host gets a story about what happened 23 years ago. In 1991, Beom-Sil and Soo-Ok spent a summer together, and Soo-Ok decided to reignite this love once again. Though Beom-Sil cannot walk properly, they seem to enjoy each other’s company quite a lot. This story is truly about pure love.

A Separation

Perhaps the most awarded film from the entire list is the film by Asghar Farhadi which won a total of 76 awards at various world festivals, including an Oscar and Golden Globe for the best foreign film of the year. The plot develops inside a simple Iranian family where, after fourteen years of marriage, Simin decides to divorce her husband Nader because he refused to leave the country with her. Farhadi covers the issues of honor, social justice, and religious obedience. His characters live every day, trying to conform to the teachings of their religion, which in practice turns out to be very difficult because they have to sacrifice their personal freedom.

Maundy Thursday

Find out what the love between Yu-Jeong and a prisoner by the name Yun-Soo will lead to. Can two people who are disappointed in their lives find comfort in each other?

Gang Dong-Won and Lee Na-Yuong masterfully convey their characters in this masterpiece of a movie. This film makes you rethink all the important values that you have and makes you love the world around you.

A Werewolf Boy

An amazing story about an orphan, a miserable, downtrodden guy, who was sheltered by a family who recently moved to the village. He falls in love with the young Sun-Yi. Can Chul-Soo become more than a friend for Sun-Yi despite his rival Ji-Tae?