Another year, another film about the Japanese occupation of Korea. A very delicate subject for a lot of people, most films that are based on it are met with mixed reactions. Director Jo Min-ho’s film “A Resistance” focuses on the female prisoners of war.


17-year-old Yu Gwan-sun participates in the Korean independence movement. The country is under the rule of Japan, which annexed the country in 1910. Yu Gwan-Sun is arrested and sent to Seodaemun Prison. There, she is tortured, but she does not yield her will to her oppressors.

The film stars Ko Ah-sung (“Snowpiercer”, “Thread of Lies”) in the central role of Yu Gwan-sun as well as Kim Sae-byuk (“Grass”, “The Day After”) and Jeong Ha-dam (“The Age of Shadows”, “The Priests”) is supporting roles. It releases in South Korea on February 27th, 2019.



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