“Sisterhood” portrays a current reality in Japan, showing the vision and lives of different people, such as a nude model, a music artist, a student and other diverse individuals who give their opinions in front of the camera. Takashi Nishihara narrates a mix of documentary and fiction, as he focuses on the figure of a film director who is preparing his new project: statements of real people about society, their personal thoughts, politics, gender or any type of claim.

SISTERHOOD is screening at Osaka Asian Film Festival

“Sisterhood” has figures like Usamaru Manami, a nude model with a quiet life, despite having a hard past behind her; BOMI, a young singer who performs small concerts with her musical group; Nina Endo, a university student; Akizuki Mika, a woman who has a relationship with the director; and Ryo Iwase himself, who gives life to the mentioned director in the film. Many or almost all of the actors play personalities identical to theirs in real life. Also complementing the film are Sumire, Tozuka Junki and Kuribayashi Aino.

Since several scandals from the world of entertainment occurred recently, as was the Weinstein case, many people have raised their voices against the abuse of power. Movements like the “Me Too” or the “Times Up”, emerged in Hollywood, where most of these scandals have come from, have had a great influence on people’s lives. “Sisterhood” tells how some people live with these thoughts that are not really new, but that sometimes we didn’t gave them the importance that they should.

The aforementioned are all narrated in an elegant black and white, forming a minimalist but at the same time beautiful, very well composed and detailed photography. The script is constantly changing characters, with a fragmented story that leads to the same point; slow, but never boring, maintaining interest in the characters, but not showing much depth. The main relationship of the director and his partner helps the film to give a whole meaning, as it is somehow the main conflict of the story, and ending in a somewhat bittersweet conclusion.The actors, although they play a version of themselves, are all magnificent and natural, giving an impression of dazzling reality. Usamaru Manami shines every time she appears on screen, like BOMI, endowed with a special charisma that gives the movie an artistic touch.

In a nutshell, “Sisterhood” is an exercise in honesty and reflection about coexisting in this new progressive and inclusive society, where each day a new voice of encouragement is heard.

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