“Triple Threat” is the expected reunion of the kings of Asian action, which features the participation of renowned stars such as Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, JeeJa Yanin, Tiger Hu Chen, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Micael Bisping and Celina Jade among others. Jesse V. Johnson is the person in charge on carrying out this action packed fest full of well-known stars.

Triple Threat will be released in more than 150 screens on Tuesday, March 19 and on DVD/VOD, March 22, courtesy of WellGo USA

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A group of mercenaries formed by Payu (Tony Jaa), Long Fei (Tiger Hu Chen), Mook (JeeJa Yanin) and Devereaux (Michael Jai White) among others perform a mercenary operation to rescue their colleague Collins (Scott Adkins), a known terrorist. During this operation, Jaka (Iko Uwais) is harmed due to being in the village with his beloved wife during the mercenarie’s operation. Jaka survives and decides to seek revenge, but what he does not know yet is that Payu and Long Fei themselves were deceived, since the mission was not what they expected, and were betrayed by their own companions. Payu and Long Fei escape and end up meeting with Jaka, and together they decide to go after the other mercenaries, who in turn are working to eliminate the daughter of a billionaire who intends to finish with the largest crime syndicate in the city, played by Cecilia Jade.

Regarding whether “Triple Threat, in essence, gives what it promises, the answer is a resounding yes, since it is nothing other than unbridled well-choreographed action without any kind of pretensions, but as to whether an astounding cast as this one deserved better, the answer is yes, although everything will depend on each viewer of course.

The cast in general fulfills its mission, especially the trio formed by Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Hu Chen. Not only do they succeed in terms of action performances, but also in drama and emotion, although Tiger Hu Chen is under the shadow of the others due to his sometimes dull performance. The group of westerners is also really good, especially Scott Adkins and Michael Bisping, giving life to some gross and visceral villains.

What has no name and forgiveness of God is the wasted talent of action star JeeJa Yanin. Not only she is not used as it should be, without giving her any importance as a character or without giving her any scene of remarkable action, but she is removed from the film in a blink.

The action itself is the best aspect of the movie, presented with a good editing by Matthew Lorentz not too rampant and with general shots where we can see everything in detail, thanks to the cinematography of Jonathan Hall. The problem with the Triple Threat is that it just ends up being that, action with nothing behind it.

The plot is simple and forgettable, devoid of emotion and the characters themselves have hardly any depth. The dialogue doesn’t help anything at all within the whole simplicity of the film, delivering sometimes some laughable lines of dialogue.